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Why Does A Bodybuilder Use Steroids And What Are Their Problems?

Taking steroids… or not taking them? The Internet has made them popular, and many amateurs use them to change clothes. Unfortunately, either we denigrate them or we present them as the best solution to have a physique worthy of high-performance athletes.

You will always find someone, in the gym or elsewhere, who will give you good reasons to take steroids.
However, there are so many good reasons not to take it. Of course, we have our own idea, because anabolic steroids are prohibited by law and very often dangerous. Who to believe then, if you want to progress in bodybuilding? Are these people right after all?

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The Cause Of Doping

Anabolic steroids are a significant aid in gaining muscle, however, the doped sportsman will have to train regularly and follow an adapted nutritional program to obtain the expected results. Despite everything, according to this study carried out on 43 men for 10 weeks, the effect of steroids has a real impact since a person not performing any weight training but having received 600 mg of testosterone enanthate each week gains on average 3, 2 kg of muscle against 1.8 kg for a natural practitioner. The Testosterone + Training combo enabled practitioners to gain 6.1 kg of muscle on average.

It is these results that are pushing more and more amateurs to test doping products such as anabolic steroids. Cradled in beautiful illusions through social networks, beginners in bodybuilding have the firm conviction that through hard work and seriousness, they will naturally sport the physique of their idol in a few months, even a few years. However, the disillusionment is brutal when one realizes that none of these physics is natural. Hypocrisy is total since the athletes, living thanks to the sponsors, loudly proclaim that they obtained these results in a natural way, when that is completely false. Some make their mea-culpa but the damage is done. On networks, the term “natty” is used to refer to natural athletes while a doped athlete is said to be “frayed”.

If anabolic steroids were once used for competition, practices have now changed. After 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year of bodybuilding, we see more and more practitioners resorting to doping in order to accelerate their physical transformation. The big problem is that it is extremely easy to get drugs on the internet. There are many articles touting the merits of anabolic steroids. They are usually accompanied by a purchase link. Some brands highlight the fact that their products are legal and have no side effects. There are even articles that show the best anabolic steroid by highlighting the effectiveness of this type of substance, but by remaining much more discreet about their harms. Thus, many are those who switch to the dark side of the force.

The Role Of Doping

In bodybuilding, the main objective of the bodybuilder is to sculpt a powerful and very muscular body. Bodybuilders take drugs to develop their muscles to the maximum. The main products in this category used in bodybuilding are anabolics.

However, to maximize muscle development, they must also increase their strength tenfold. By increasing their endurance and power, they can quickly outdo themselves. They will then get exceptional results in no time. This is indeed a shortcut to be able to reach their goals as quickly as possible.

History Of Doping Products In Bodybuilding

The use of doping products is not new in the world of bodybuilding. Since the development of this discipline internationally, many practitioners have indulged in doping.

In the 1930s, the stimulating properties of amphetamine were appreciated by bodybuilders. Eugène Sandow is one of the popular bodybuilders to consume to increase its performance. Since then, many professional practitioners have turned to these miraculous products.

Bodybuilding doping agents boomed in the post-war period. Adolf Butenandt developed the first anabolic steroid in 1931. He extracted androsterone from urine.

Many versions of testosterone have been tested on bodybuilders. Steeve Reeves is among the first professionals to experience them during his career. Steroids gradually gained ground and their use was widespread in the 70s and 80s.

The bodybuilding industries then focused on producing the best steroid. The steroids circulating on the market today are largely effective than their predecessors. However, they are no less dangerous.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
So I advise you of these products that you will need in this sport:

The Most Used Dopings By Bodybuilders

A product is considered doping when it is considered illegal by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Several products fall into this category and their use is prohibited, especially in the world of competition.

There are three types of bodybuilding.

1- Anabolic steroids

An anabolic steroid is a substance that accelerates the development of muscle mass. These are steroid hormones based on testosterone. This synthetic hormone is injected into the body of the bodybuilder to accelerate the synthesis of proteins in muscle cells.

Many varieties of steroids have been developed by specialized laboratories. However, excess testosterone has side effects. Other synthetic products have also emerged to provide the same effects as this hormone. Dianabol is one of the most used: this substance has been synthesized to reproduce the anabolic effects of testosterone while limiting its side effects.

2- Beta stimulants

Stimulants are substances ingested to increase tone and vitality. Athletes often use it to improve their performance during training sessions. They also help them to relax during recovery periods.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the use of amphetamines as doping by bodybuilders was common. However, this product in addition to being addictive has degrading health effects. Other products like Clenbutrol have therefore emerged. They have fewer side effects but remain very dangerous and illegal.

3- Growth hormone

Developed to treat genetic diseases, the growth hormone is very successful among high-level practitioners. The main advantage of this substance is the difficulty of detection. Indeed, the product becomes almost undetectable a few moments after taking it. Hence the interest of competitors to use it.

Synthesized in the laboratory, this product accelerates muscle growth. It uses the same anabolic characteristics as steroids. The difference is mainly in terms of its side effects.

The Dangers Of Doping

If doping products are prohibited by law, it is mainly because of the danger they pose to health. Many bodybuilders have had to end their careers due to health problems. While the short-term effects are alarming, the long-term effects are just as disturbing.

Hormonal disorder

The majority of bodybuilding doping is based on synthetic hormones and is at the origin of hormonal disorders.

Excess testosterone intake will limit the body’s natural production of this hormone. The main effect is the atrophy of the testicles. This leads to sexual disturbances such as impotence or lack of libido. Behavioral problems can also be observed, such as aggression or depression.

The use of stimulants also affects the production of adrenaline. This hormone is secreted when the body feels in danger. The force is thus increased tenfold for a short time. Naturally, the human body uses this hormone only in rare cases. By using it daily, muscle fatigue occurs quickly. In the long run, it affects the whole organism.

Liver disease

Anabolics are very aggressive for the whole body. They are even more so for the liver, which is in great demand. Indeed, the overproduction of liver enzymes to digest these products will disrupt the functioning of this organ.

In the long run, more devastating effects will appear. Ranging from an enlarged liver to liver cancer, the consequences are often fatal. The damage inflicted on this organ is most of the time irreversible.

Cardiovascular illnesses

Testosterone is largely responsible for the functioning of the heart. The consumption of steroids then causes damage to the cardiovascular system. If hypertension or stroke can occur at any time, there are other more serious consequences to consider.

In the short term, one can observe shortness of breath caused by the phenomenon of a large heart. In the long term, by altering the mitochondrial membrane and causing atrial fibrillation, heart failure can occur at any time.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
So I advise you of these products that you will need in this sport:


The biggest danger of steroids is their addictive aspect. Psychologically, the practitioner – happy with the results obtained – will want to consume more. However, the body gets used to the actions of these products, and the craving phenomenon sets in very quickly.

Consumption of these products quickly becomes a vicious cycle, because the more we consume, the more the need increases. However, the damage that these products cause to the organism is accentuated by prolonging consumption. In addition, the majority of these effects are irreversible.

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