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What Are The Problems Faced By The Bodybuilding Athlete?

The Risks Of Tendinitis In Arm Strength Training

It can be tendinopathy, linked to the practice of sports activities such as muscle building as part of your sports program or during your gym class. Tendinopathy is an inflammation of the tendon, the band of connective tissue connecting the muscle to the bone, following a trauma.

The shoulder, one of the most unstable joints in the human body, is likely to be affected by tendinitis.

Anatomically, it has areas of weakness.

The shoulder also includes 5 joints:

  • scapulohumeral,
  • thoracic scapula,
  • thoracic,
  • acromioclavicular
  • and Sterno Costo clavicular.

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The main one is the scapulohumeral joint which has 3 degrees of freedom (flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, and external/internal rotation), making it very mobile.

On the flip side, this great mobility is accompanied by high instability.

As it is a superficial joint, it is likely to be impacted by trauma and external shocks.

The tendinopathy most frequently encountered in the shoulder is that of the supraspinatus muscle, responsible for the abduction with the deltoid muscle.

In bodybuilding or muscle toning, it is necessary to stop the movement as soon as the shoulder stump rises. Indeed, after a certain degree of amplitude (generally 90 °), it is other muscles which come into play, by compensation, due to the exhaustion of the muscle concerned.

Be careful, because there is then a real risk of tendon rupture!

Don’t Arch Your Back When Doing

The squat is one of the most popular exercises in sports coaching and physical preparation programs, and for good reason!

It will allow you to build muscles in your thighs and glutes, the main places for storing fat.

With the Squat, you have a beautifully sculpted body and a dream figure!

To gain mobility in your ankles, knees, and hips, consider performing a deep squat, consisting of holding the squat position for a certain time when you are down!

The Deep Squat can be perfectly integrated into a stretching session, for example.

The Squat will also allow you to prevent lower back pain. If you are a beginner and you lack flexibility, do not hesitate to hold on to support such as a chair or a desk.

Remember to keep your back straight!

Beware Of Overweight

Often, beginners in bodybuilding hesitate on weight (the exact name would actually be mass, because weight is a force measured in newtons, while mass is measured in kgs, editor’s note) to use on a machine or on a bar (dumbbell, weight, …).

An error often encountered consists of wanting to lift too light and therefore not to make an effort for good muscle building or too heavy because you overestimate your level.

This last case is the most serious because it can lead to an injury or even an accident in the gym, if you cannot raise a bar in Barbell Bench Press, for example.

This can:

  • take stock of your physical condition,
  • plan a personalized training program with weight loads optimized for your body type,
  • as well as accompany you on the various fitness equipment to show you the right gestures.

Remember that an injury (such as tendonitis) can keep you away from the gym for 4 weeks, long enough for you to lose some of your hard-earned muscle mass … Think long term by building your muscle intelligently!

Strength training damages muscles and joints. In fact, it is this mechanism that causes muscle gain. If your workload exceeds your recovery capacity, you may be injured.

We, therefore, advise you to follow the following 2 tips to avoid injuring yourself during your sports training:

  1. Do not train a muscle group more than three times a week. A muscle needs at least 48 hours to fully recover from a traumatic session.
  2. Take a week of recovery after each training cycle. During this time, you will reduce your volume by half or completely stop any type of physical exercise.

Remember to warm up the affected muscle areas at the start of the session and to hydrate yourself well during the session.

Athletes performing strength sports such as weight training can also take a protein intake before and after the session.

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The Top 10 Mistakes A Bodybuilding Athlete Should Avoid

1- Wanting to do too much

Motivated like never before to start a new bodybuilding program, you spend hours every day at the gym with endless sessions. Be careful not to confuse quantity and quality! Better to do intensive 45-minute training than long and boring 2-hour training.

Besides, no need to train every day. Too frequent training does not allow the optimal rest of the nervous and muscular system, and the sessions then become less and less productive.

2- Not putting enough intensity

Many bodybuilders have the impression of doing intensive and productive sessions when this is not the case! Many people do not load heavy enough, do not seek to progress and surpass themselves. They stay on track with the knowledge that their training will allow them to reach their goals, and in the end no longer progress and lose their motivation.

3- Neglecting food

“Exercise is king. Nutrition reigns supreme. Put them together and you get a kingdom. ” Here is a quote that we regularly give to our athletes so that they understand the importance of nutrition in sports performance.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, the quality of your nutrition will be essential to achieve your goals. Forget the dogma: 70% training and 30% food … This is nothing and will not get you anywhere. Think rather: 100% Training and 100% Food for 200% motivation.

4- Neglecting rest

Haven’t you already heard that rest is essential for health, that you have to get enough sleep to be in good shape? In fact, sleep is essential for the proper functioning of our body, but it is all the more important for a bodybuilding practitioner.

Thus, to recover and progress well, a bodybuilding practitioner would need at least 8, even 9 hours of sleep per night, accompanied by a 20-minute nap per day. Muscle needs rest to develop (muscle anabolism) and sleep is essential for our muscle growth.

5- Toasting the steps

There are many bodybuilders who always want to do more than they can. In the gym, we regularly observe athletes lifting loads that they do not control or using intensification techniques when they do not master the basics of training. Transpose this example to car racing: a beginner will not have fun driving an F1 when he barely masters driving a kart. In bodybuilding, it’s the same!

6- Wanting to train like the neighbor

Your bodybuilding program tires you, you want to change and follow the latest fashionable workout, or even worse … copy that of your neighbor. This is the best thing to do if you want to miss your goal completely, and as a bonus risk getting hurt!

You should know that everyone is different and that the programs must be personalized according to different factors. The objective, the sporting background, the experience, or even the morphology are factors to be taken into account when establishing a training program.

To benefit from a 100% tailor-made bodybuilding program, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a professional sports coach. Discover our services

7- Neglecting to overheat

Warming up is an integral part of your training! He has several interests such as preventing injuries, improving performance, and recovery. Warming up, as the name suggests, warms the body and therefore prepares it for exercise.

In bodybuilding, we advise you to start with a global warm-up on a cardio machine (rower, elliptical trainer…) then to finish with a specific warm-up by performing a few repetitions of the exercises planned in the body of your session, with a progressive increase in loads.

8- Neglecting technique

When you enter the weight room, leave your ego in the locker room! Too often we see practitioners who think of only one thing: carrying as heavy as possible without respecting the technique of execution. This category of athletes eventually gets injured, forcing them to give up weight training for several weeks to several months.

9- Doing exercises that don’t fit you

It is very important in bodybuilding to get to know yourself from a morpho-anatomical point of view. Each individual is morphologically different and certain exercises do not correspond to us. We can see for example during the Squat exercise: the longer the athlete has long lower segments, the more difficult the movement will be to perform and dangerous for the lumbar spine.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
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10- Random training

Random training leads to poor results and an increased risk of injury. An unreflected bodybuilding program does not allow progress in the medium / long term and this will result in demotivation.

Follow personalized training is much more interesting because each exercise is selected according to your personal characteristics including morpho-anatomy. This will aim to make you progress intelligently while preserving your health, as we remind you: bodybuilding can quickly cause injuries if it is not properly supervised.

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