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The Best 8 Exercises Of The Biceps And Triceps Muscles

The arms are the muscles we see first, the ones that come out of the t-shirt when the temperature is right. The arms are thus the muscles that we often try to develop in the first place, along with the pectorals. They are also the muscles of manhood, a symbol of strength and power. Above all, these are very aesthetic and complex muscles that should be used with care. Find out everything you need to know about the arms, or how to build your arms up quickly.

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1- Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

This exercise, along with its triceps traction, is one of the most beneficial movements for the arms. The Tricep Dumbbell Kickback will help you to strengthen your triceps and more particularly the long portion of the triceps. It will secondarily target the anchored muscle and the posterior bundles of your shoulders. This rear extension for the triceps can, for example, be performed at the end of an arm or pectoral session, it can be very effective for throwing or fighting sports.

How To Make A Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

  • Stand next to a bench on which you will place a hand to support your upper body. Your arm should be straight and directly below your shoulder. Bring the lower leg forward and move the outer leg back so you can tilt the chest horizontally. Some prefer to put the lower leg on the bench to support the hips.
  • Grab a dumbbell using a neutral grip, thumbs forward. Keep your arm close to your body or slightly above it. Bend your elbow so that your forearm is vertical.
  • Inhale slightly more than normal and hold your breath, then raise the load while keeping the arm still. At the top, the outstretched arm should be in line with the bust or slightly above. Exhale at the end of the extension.
  • Hold the maximum contraction for a moment, then slowly return to the starting position. Take a short break and try again.
  • Work at moderate speed without throwing the dumbbell up.
  • When you’ve done the required number of reps with one arm, switch sides and start again with the other arm

2- Skull Crushers

Lying on a bench, hands in pronation spaced about shoulder-width apart, elbows bent 90 degrees, this involves extending the elbows from the Skull Crushers position.

It is often said that you have to keep your elbows in line with your hands, to have your “elbows tight”. The truth is that you need to find a position in which you can force comfortably.

How To Make A Skull Crushers

Lying on a bench, a bar in the overhand hands spaced shoulder-width apart, elbows pointing up and arms outstretched. Lower the bar to the forehead by bending your arms, then return to the starting position.

Keep the elbows fixed and avoid lowering the bar at the level of the face or the chin, otherwise, the shoulders and pectorals will intervene at the expense of the triceps.

3- Triceps Pushdown

Triceps Pushdown is a basic exercise for working the whole triceps. It emphasizes the vast internal and external.

An effective exercise to increase the volume of the arm, Triceps Pushdown is not the best movement to isolate specific parts of the muscle but is simple to perform and very easy to feel. An interesting exercise to practice for beginners, it can also be placed at the end of the session for people of intermediate and confirmed level. Practiced gradually, it can work miracles!

How To Make A Triceps Pushdown

When standing, facing a Pushdown Triceps machine, back straight, knees slightly bent and waist sheathed. Grasp the short bar, hands overhand with a shoulder-width apart.

Start with the elbows bent and push the bar up to the outstretched position, being careful not to spread the elbows away from the body.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
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4- Hammer Curl

The Hammer Curl is a variant of the classic dumbbell curl which is executed with the dumbbells in a neutral grip, also called hammer grip. It’s an exercise that targets the biceps, like other curl variants, but also focuses on the forearms. It is also the best exercise to exercise the long supinator, a muscle that increases the size of the forearms.

How To Make A Hammer Curl

Position yourself upright, arms alongside your body, a dumbbell in each hand, in hammer grip, that is to say, palms facing the body. Your legs should be slightly bent and your back straight.

Contract your arms and bend your elbows to lift the dumbbells up to your deltoids. Your elbows should not move, nor move away from the body, only the forearms are mobile.

Keep the contraction for a second, then lower the dumbbells while controlling the movement and start again until the end of your series.

5- Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl is the best known and most effective exercise for working and developing your biceps in general. Thanks to amplitude work, it targets both the brachial biceps (short and long portions) and the anterior brachial.

This exercise is recommended as a basic exercise for the biceps because of its ease of execution, its amplitude, and finally its effectiveness to gain volume. If you want to quickly develop powerful and bulky biceps the Barbell Curl is ideal!

However, it has the disadvantage of working mainly on the main function of the biceps, which is to lift the forearm, but little on its function of rotation. Therefore, be sure to supplement the Barbell Curl with hammer grip exercises, in order to develop the brachio-radial (long supinator) which is only slightly worked on here.

How To Make A Barbell Curl

  • Standing with your feet parallel, shoulder-width apart, and slightly turned outwards. Hold a bar at arm’s length in front of the thighs, hands in supination (palm up) spread about shoulder-width apart.
  • Take a deep breath, block your breathing, and raise the bar by bending your elbows.
  • When lifting the load, keep your elbows fixed and tight against the body. Make sure your hands stay in line with the forearms.
  • Flex your forearms at a moderate pace. Exhale towards the end of the flexion. Take a brief break at the top of the movement (when the hands are at the level of the upper chest).
  • Lower the bar, controlling it to return to the starting position, but do not go until the arms are fully extended. Perform all repetitions.
  • Keep the bust vertical for the duration of the exercise

6- Reverse Curl

This exercise for strength training of the forearms and anterior brachial called Reverse Curl by our English-speaking friends can also be called Reverse Curl. Personally, I execute it with a bar called EZ, which, by its curved shape allows me to slightly flex my wrists. This grip is more pleasant to me, but you can totally try with a normal bar if the feeling is better. For me, this exercise in muscle development of the lower biceps is to be done in addition to an arms session for example.

How To Make A Reverse Curl

Let’s get to the goal of this page, the technical explanation of the Reverse Curl. The latter differs from the curl bar since the position of your hands will be reversed, that is to say, palms down or “pronation”.

Starting position

First, stand with your feet slightly apart, and inflate your torso so that your back is straight. Then grab the bar in pronation grip (palms toward your legs), shoulder-width apart. If you followed these instructions, the bar should be at the level of your genitals in the starting position.

Execution of the exercise

Now let’s take a look at the execution of the pronation curl. Your arms alongside your body in the starting position, you will pull the bar using only your forearms. To do this, bend your elbows until the bar reaches the height of your sternum (or your nipples if you prefer!). Hold this position for a second, being careful to contract your muscle. The upper part of your arms should not move and stay alongside your body. In this exercise as in all curls, it is only the forearms that come into action. As for breathing, inhale during the concentric phase (when you raise the bar) and exhale during the eccentric phase (when you lower the bar).

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
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7- One-Arm Preacher Curl

In bodybuilding, the greatest strength of the dumbbell curl at the desk is to increase the mass of the biceps. The pulpit allows you to target the action on the biceps by suppressing the action of the shoulder which decreases the efficiency of the movement. This unilateral exercise is ideal if you have one arm that is larger than the other. Practiced regularly, it will allow you to catch up and rebalance the development of the biceps.

How To Make A One-Arm Preacher Curl

  • For greater stability and efficiency, use a desk that allows you to work standing, not sitting.
  • Place the back of your upper arm against the angled padded stand. Adjust the height of the stand so that you are standing and in a stable position.
  • Take a dumbbell with a supine grip (palm up). Slightly bend your elbows at the start. You can also do the version with both arms.
  • Your elbows should be a little beyond the bottom edge of the support in the initial position and during execution. If this is not possible, make sure the support is thick and well padded.
  • Take a deep breath and hold your breath bending your elbows to lift the load, then exhale up near the end of the range of motion.
  • Lift the load at a moderate speed until your forearms are vertical and slightly higher.
  • Return to the starting position while controlling the descent.
  • Take a slight break when your arms are almost straight, then try again.

8- Single-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Because you can modify your grip on the dumbbell while running, Single-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension is an exercise that allows for full tricep development. This movement plays a very important role in bodybuilding to increase muscle mass and strength, and to obtain a great definition of the triceps.

How To Make A Single-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The technique of execution is not very complicated, but you have to be careful to warm up a lot during this exercise, because the tension on the tendons of the elbow is very important, because of the strong stretching induced by the position of the arms in the air.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
So I advise you of these products that you will need in this sport:

Placement for this exercise:

  • Sitting on a bench, or on a bench with a military bench, or back to a bicep desk (both solutions have the advantage of being able to wedge the back, by supporting it on support).
  • Sheath the abs, so as not to arch your back.
  • Take a dumbbell with one hand, in a neutral grip, and mount the arm vertically, the forearm being folded, and the dumbbell passing behind the head.
  • The arm must be vertical. You can hold the elbow with your free hand to stabilize the arm.

Movement realization:

  • Contract the triceps to raise the forearm and thus extend the arm.
  • Only the forearm moves, the arm does not move, it must remain vertical.
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