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Top 9 exercises to get rid of belly fat for women

the abdominal muscle is the deepest in the human body , the one that is most inside the body. It has the role of stabilizing the trunk and the abdominal strap. It is the most interesting muscle to work to have a flat stomach quickly (two weeks is enough with targeted work) because it allows our organs to avoid standing out which gives around the stomach.

The transverse muscle is a muscle by performing a work of breathing and sheathing. For the work of breathing, you have to get on all fours on the ground, breathe in deeply through your nose which will allow your belly to enter then keep your belly tucked in for at least 5 seconds, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do ten repetitions. Important, perform this exercise on an empty stomach and ideally, the bladder as well. The sheathing work is done with the board, on work from 30 seconds to 1 minute with a minimum of 4 repetitions for a maximum rest time equal to the working time.

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1- Crunches

The crunch is an ideal movement to build the abs because it offers targeted work without any risk of hurting your back. Thus, the “abdo crunches” exercises are recommended for all those who want to build their stomach, from beginners to experienced athletes.

Muscle level, the crunch exercise mainly involves the rectus abdominis, a muscle located in the anterior wall of the abdomen. It is this muscle that, when worked well, brings out the famous “chocolate bars” among the sharp athletes. The transverse, deep muscle of the abdomen, can also be worked on as long as the stomach is well tucked in when performing the exercise.

Crunch Exercise

Crunch is a very simple exercise that does not require any equipment for its execution. It is, however, important to follow a few rules in order to perform this exercise well, both to build your abs correctly, but also to avoid hurting yourself.


breathes during the contraction of your abs.


during the crunch movement, it is the voluntary contraction of your abs that will allow the shoulders to come off and not the reverse! The movement starts from the abdominals, the placement of the hands behind the ears only supports the head but in no case should you pull with the arms, otherwise, you will be injured at the level of the cervical vertebrae.

2- The Plank

The plank has been a popular sheathing exercise for several years. Its followers swear that it is enough to spend a few minutes on the ground a day for 30 days to see astounding results. You may have seen many “board challenges” on your Facebook feed or on various health blogs.

The question is of course whether you can really hope to have a flat stomach with a few minutes of planks per day. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything about the abdominal plank. You’ll find out exactly what it’s all about, and if the board is really effective. In addition, I will give you various tips and exercises to get a flat stomach and/or build your abs.

How To Make a The Plank

Rest on the elbows facing the ground, vertical to the shoulders, and hands flat.
Bend your ankles, toes down and knees slightly bent.
Take care to keep your shoulders away from your ears and look towards the ground.
Hold this static position for 20 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds depending on your ability, sucking your navel up. Breathe during the posture.

If you are in control, you can do the same by leaning on a large ball.
Without shifting the body weight, lift your legs one by one so that the transverse muscle is working.

3- Core Stability Training

Core Stability Training Is great classic exercises abs, unfortunately too little done. He is often feared because planking exercises are physically and mentally challenging, difficult to perform without having an eye on his watch all the time.

There is also a proverb: “If you think a minute is fast, it’s because you’ve never slept in your life! “It can also be found under the name of the board, or cladding board, a derivative of its Anglo term: plank or planking. This exercise is an integral part of what is called muscle building, it consists as you certainly know to face the ground, the weight of the body resting on the toes and forearms.

So positioned, your back straight, your “legs-pelvis-trunk” are aligned and your abdominal, and glutes are contracted. It is found very often in physical preparation programs with other conventional weights training exercises. You should always be careful to keep the spine straight, you could suffer in the lumbar muscles in the opposite case.

The abdominal board belongs to this family of abs exercises that are called isometric exercises. Isometry is the art of “muscling without moving”, we are in a static effort and not dynamic, we say that the contraction is isometric. Isometry is a mode of contraction in which the muscular insertions do not move (they do not move closer, they do not move away) contrary to the concentric and eccentric modes. However, we will see that it is possible to do sheathing dynamically.

How To Make a Core Stability Training

Face cladding is also known as a “plank”, simply because it involves forming a kind of plank with the body and keeping. This position for a while.

To start, you must position yourself in the front of the ground, if possible on a carpet to avoid pain in your elbows. You must place your stomach in the direction of the ground, balancing on your elbows and toes. Your body thus forms the famous board.

In fact, the body does not have to be quite right. To avoid arching and force on the lower back, the pelvis is Retroverted (back), which allows erasing the lumbar lordosis. Your arms and forearms should normally maintain a 90-degree angle during your exercise. We push on the elbows to round the upper part of your back and preserve the articulation of your shoulders. At the level of breathing, one expires by returning the belly with the aim of toning the transverse muscle.

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4- Stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum technique has been popularized in the bodybuilding community. It is the emblem of the 70s and 80s – so-called “old school” physics. Among the athletes who contributed to the development of vacuum, we can cite Franck Zane or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recently, the physique of the 70s and 80s has become fashionable again. Exit the distended and swollen bellies, the vacuum is back in force with new generation athletes.

On stage, this technique aims to give the illusion of very fine size. It thus makes it possible to play on the proportions and therefore to accentuate the shoulder-waist-thigh ratio.

However, this exercise has just as much to see more interest apart from the spotlight: it allows by strengthening the deep muscles of the abdominal strap to refine the size after only a few weeks.

How To Make a Stomach Vacuum

It is a simple exercise based on an isometric contraction. Here is the image that you should have in mind in order to help you visualize the exercise: the purpose of the vacuum is to empty the air from your lungs in order to raise the diaphragm to draw in your belly as much as possible.

1- Lie down on your back to start. (You can then do it by training in other positions).

2- Exhale to completely empty the air from your lungs. Your diaphragm goes up under your rib cage. You will feel your waist shrink, it is the transverse that contracts.

3- Tuck in your belly as much as possible. Imagine that you want to touch your spine with your navel. Your transverse muscle is at its point of maximum contraction.

4- Hold this position as long as possible. Start with an isometric contraction (contraction without movement) of about twenty seconds if possible and then increase as you go.

5- Although you will have more sensations while remaining in apnea, this exercise must be able to be carried out while breathing – yes, it is much harder! Little by little you will manage not to relax the contraction while breathing.

5- Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise requires a little force to be performed, especially the stretched (semi-stretched) and oblique legs version. These are the most effective bodybuilding movements to feel the work well at the level of the lower abdominals.

How To Make a Hanging Leg Raise

  • Step onto a stool or bench to grab the bar so you can hang without your feet touching the floor. Also, stay on a stand when you need to adjust straps.
  • Stay suspended with your arms fully extended and slightly arch your lumbar spine (neutral or slightly accentuated position of the natural arch).
  • Exhale and flex your legs to raise your knees as high as possible.
  • For this exercise to be truly effective, the knees should rise above the horizontal. Maintain this contracted position for 1 to 2 seconds to be sure that the shortening and the tension of the abdominals are at the maximum.
  • As you begin to breathe in, loosen up slightly as you bring your legs back to the starting position. Take a short break and try again.
  • When the bent knees version becomes easy, do the hanging leg lift with your legs straight. Make sure to start while still and lift your legs as hard as you can using the abdominal muscles.

6- Kneeling Cable Crunch

The Kneeling Cable Crunch is a good exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles and toning the stomach. It can be done standing at the high pulley with a pull bar or with the rope, it can also be done on your knees.

The movement is identical to Crunch since it involves rolling up the bust except that the movement is carried out vertically. The pulley also makes it possible to add ballast gradually and provides constant resistance which promotes the feeling of burning. It is an exercise that must require a certain level of practice to be able to mainly contract the abdominals without using your arms or other muscles and without pulling on the neck.

How To Make a Kneeling Cable Crunch

The movement can be carried out in different ways:

In a standing position, grab the high pulley drawbar with your hands in supination then bring the bar behind the neck and roll your chest forward by strongly contracting the abdominals and tucking in the belly then unroll the bust-up slightly to stretch the big right. The legs remain slightly bent throughout the movement.

We can also perform the exercise with the high pulley with the rope, kneel with the buttocks on the heels and grasp the ends of the rope in each hand with a neutral grip and then wind the bust forward just as for the previous version by bringing the head towards the knees.

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7- Reverse Crunch

Need to diversify your abdominal exercises? Then try the Reverse Crunch. This weightlifting exercise without equipment looks like a Hanging Leg Raise except that here you do it lying down. Thus, in this article, we explain the technique of this exercise in addition, the detail of the muscles used.

How To Make a Reverse Crunch

Starting position

head, back, and pelvis pressed to the ground, lift your thighs vertically with your legs bent. That is to say that your knees should be about 90 °. In addition, place your hands flat below your glutes. Your back is thus straight and aligned with your neck.

Basin survey

Keeping your knees at 90 °, flex your hips to bring your thighs closer to your bust. Then lift your pelvis a few centimeters by voluntarily contracting the abs. Also, exhale during this step.

Return to starting position

Slowly unwind the abs to return to the original position. Your thighs return to the vertical or slightly more. At the same time, consider inspiring. You can then do the rehearsals according to your bodybuilding program.

8- Crunch With Rotation

Crunch With Rotation is a variant of Crunches
to strengthen the obliques.

Complete exercise for strengthening the abdominal belt, it helps to refine the waist and is very effective in working the rotational movement of the bust. Easy to execute and require no equipment, the Crunch With Rotation is one of the essentials for an abdominal session.

How To Make a Crunch With Rotation

Elongated starting position with the lower back glued to the ground. The legs can be bent over the chest, rest on a bench, or on the floor with a 90-degree angle at the knee. Bring one shoulder in front of the opposite knee, then slowly return to the starting position. The elbow may touch the knee if your legs are bent on the chest.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
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9- Dragon Flag

There are a large number of ways to build your abs, but one of the most effective techniques is the “Dragon Flag“. Made popular by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV, this exercise is relatively difficult to perform. It allows you to work mainly on the right muscle of the abdomen and the flexors of the hip. As an accessory, the external obliques of the abdomen participate in its execution.

How To Make a Dragon Flag

On a bench, only the upper back and the head should be in contact, the feet vertical. Then you have to go down and go as far as possible horizontally with your feet to “unfold” the “flag”. You can either hold as long as possible or swing vertically, legs and torso always in the same alignment, never touching the ground.

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