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Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift is a very complete bodybuilding movement that can strengthen many muscling groups of the lower and upper body, including those of the posterior chain. In practice, this exercise consists of performing a flexion/extension of the hip, lifting the ground a more or less significant load with a weight bar in its traditional version.

Too rarely practiced in the room, the deadlift is yet an excellent movement to strengthen the gluts and lumbar muscles. We advise this exercise to all those who suffer from lower back pain due to too much sedentary and the repetition of bad postures on a daily basis. Romanian Deadlift is also interesting to integrate into a bodybuilding program to increase muscle strength, gain weight, improve explosiveness, or simply improve your overall fitness.

Romanian Deadlift is a movement that we have to carry out regularly in our daily life when we raise objects on the ground for example. Well, masters, this technique will be handy because it will allow you to take good positions in everyday life and thus preserve your back.

Romanian Deadlift is one of three basic movements in athletic strength with squat and bench press.

How To Make Romanian Deadlift

Let’s see together how to tackle his very first RDL! If on paper it is not complicated, do not trust it too much, the movement will ask you a little practice to be perfectly mastered.

  • You stand, in front of your bar on the floor, it touches your ankles, your legs are spaced about the width of your shoulders
  • Catch the bat, an overhand grip, your hands are placed slightly off-center on the bar compared to your legs
  • In the manner of a deadlift, bring the bar to the top position, which for this exercise is your starting position (the bar will not touch the floor of the series)
  • Now you want to send your hips back while slightly bending your knees and staying in a stationary position
  • As you push on your hips, you will feel a good big “stretch” at your pistachios, the bar as for it, continues its descent in front of your legs.
  • When you have reached your maximum stretch of pistachios, it’s time to bring your hips forward while exhaling. In the high position, lock your hips and perform a “squeeze” of the glutes, that is to say, a voluntary contraction.
  • During the whole movement, make sure to keep your lower back straight and your bust well out
  • You should descend very slowly in 2-3 seconds to go up dynamically because the work of the pistachios de facto retaining the load during the descent mainly.

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Targeted Muscles

Back muscles extending from the base of your skull to your sacrum are contracted isometrically to stabilize the spine during exercise. The gluts maxim us, a big fleshy muscle located at the back of your hip, contracts strongly when you raise the bust to lock. Schizos consists of the femoral, semi-tendinous, and semi-membranous biceps. The first is the predominant muscle of the group and is located on the outer part of the back of the thigh. The semi-tendinous and semi-membranous are located on the inner part at the back of the thigh. All these muscles are solicited to different degrees when you raise the bust.

How to properly build a deadlift?

Movement quite technical, the deadlift must be perfectly realized, otherwise, you expose yourself to a high risk of injury, especially in the back. Before lifting heavy loads, we advise you to perform this movement with a vacuum bar, or with an elastic band (see below), to control your investments. Regarding leg flexion/extension and back placement, you will see that this exercise is quite similar to the squat movement.

Safety Instructions´╗┐

Do not round your back while running. Not only is this potentially very dangerous, but it will also result in a poorer development of gluts and schizos, two of the main muscles required. Imagine your bust as a rigid lever whose axis is at the level of the hips.

Avoid letting the bar swing in front of you and let it move away from your legs as for the traditional raised leg lifted. This increases stress in the lumbar region.

Coach Tips

  • To solicit a maximum of the gluts maximum and the schizos, keep the leg straight and the rigid column to make a raised leg legs outstretched. The more you bend your knees, the less you apply for schizos. If you round up the backed, most of the stress will be placed on the extensor muscles of the spine and the spinal ligaments.
  • Hold your breath to keep the bust rigid and produce greater strength in the muscles involved.
  • Make sure to exhale vigorously after passing the hardest part of the ascent of the bar to relieve the intrathoracic pressure.
  • Keep your extensor muscles tightly contracted to maintain the column.
  • Do not pull with your arms to relieve the load. Any pulling movement should be done by the hips when you return to standing. Imagine your arms and your hands just like hooks.
  • We recommend that you do not stand on a bench to do this exercise. Some do this variant to obtain a greater amplitude, but it is dangerous and it does not isolate better schizos and gluts.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
So I advise you of these products that you will need in this sport:


Inhale while descending the bar and exhale during the effort. In case of heavy load, you can block the breathing and exhale once the difficult part performed. This helps to trim the trunk. So inhale in a low position, block the breathing, raise the bar and exhale.


Romanian Deadlift Stretched Legs

Realized actually legs slightly bent, this first variant is very effective to accentuate the work of the hamstrings, and gluts. However, the slightest placement error during this exercise cannot be forgiven, leading in particular to significant repercussions on the back, up to sometimes serious injuries, such as a herniated disc. The good realization of the lifted outstretched legs requires, among other things, good flexibility of the posterior muscle chains.

Romanian Deadlift Sumo

This exercise solicits more abductors than the classic version. It also allows you to lift heavier loads. It is a prevalent movement in athletic strength.

Romanian Deadlift with elastic bands

This is a movement that we strongly recommend to beginners, because the elastic bands of bodybuilding offer the advantage of offering a progressive resistance, thus reducing the stresses on the intervertebral discs, in particular during the first phase of the exercise of raised earthen. Discover on this subject an excellent article by Christopher Carrie.

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