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Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch is an exercise that works the entire abdominal belt. He solicits the right rectus and obliques and emphasizes the lower part of the abdominals.

We call this exercise Reverse Crunch because the movement corresponds to the reverse of the Crunches, it is the legs that move and not the bust.

Execution Of The Exercise

1- Starting position

  • Lie on the floor, on a carpet, or on a flat white (legs bent at right angles to the end of the bench).
  • Put your back on the floor and put your head down.
  • Place your hands flat under the glutes, palms facing the floor (if you are on a bench, grab the edges).
  • Stretch your legs while keeping them in the air about 5 centimeters from the ground.

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2- Execution of the movement

Ride legs

  • Bend your legs about 90 degrees, contracting your abs as much as possible.
  • Continue by wrapping the pelvis towards the chest so as to lift the legs to bring them over the bust, until the knees are above the chest.
  • Take your time to lift the legs, it is important to perform the movement slowly and smoothly, to mainly exercise the abdominals and not the leg flexors.
  • Hold for one to two seconds before starting to descend.

Lower legs

  • Slowly descend, fully controlling the movement, until you return to the starting position.
  • You should especially not rest the legs on the ground between each movement in order to maintain a constant contraction of the abdominals.

Repeat the movement as many times as necessary.

Targeted Muscles

As said before, Reverse Crunch allows you to work your abs. But more precisely, it allows you to build muscle for the law. It is a muscle located at the level of the belly and which is often called the “6 pack” (find out more) or the “chocolate bar”.

So, you can add this exercise to your sessions targeting sculpted abs. In addition to this, this exercise does not stress the neck (in suspension), being more respectful of your body.


Lie on your back, arms slightly apart and hands flat against the body, palms against the floor. Lift your legs to position your knees at right angles. Then take off the pelvis from the ground by bringing the knees towards the chest while exhaling. Then gently lower the pelvis to the ground while inhaling. Throughout the exercise, contract your abs continuously.

Risks And Mistakes To Avoid

  • Place your hands under the glutes: this allows you to round your back a little and avoid injuries.
  • Do not rest your legs on the floor between movements to keep the abs tight, and to avoid jerking with the leg flexors.
  • Do not cheat by soliciting the legs, perform the Reverse Crunch slowly so as to better target the abs.
  • Don’t dig your back, avoid injuries! Control the speed of the movement and its amplitude.


Optimize this abdominal strengthening exercise by performing this movement slowly and controlling the entire knee-up phase as well as the phase of returning to the starting position. Do not rest your feet on the ground.


Breathing is quite difficult to manage in the Reverse Crunch, the abs being contracted permanently:

  • Exhale when you reach the top of the climb (when the knees are above the chest).
  • Inhale during the descent phase of the legs.

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For beginners: you can help yourself slightly with your hands, if they are placed under the glutes, generating a very weak impulse when climbing the legs.

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