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Build Large Muscles Without Taking Steroids

Is it possible to develop muscles without taking steroids and other doping products? This is a question frequently asked by beginners in bodybuilding. It must be said that there are so many misconceptions about building muscle. What is certain is that having the physique of the muscular men who cover magazines is quite possible without doping.

However, be aware that the result depends on many parameters. These include genetics, willpower, time spent in sport, and even food hygiene. Decided to get started in bodybuilding? Here is some information that can help you know the physique you can have without chemical help.

I also recommend that you consult a sports coach who will be able to best guide you if you are just starting out.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
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Before you get upset about what you’re going to see or read, you need to understand that muscle enlargement is largely dependent on the male hormone testosterone. People who naturally have high levels of testosterone will be more massive and more muscular compared to those who have lower levels.

On average, men produce between 30 and 70 mg of testosterone per week, and all men have rated 20 times higher than women. Obviously, the muscle development and physical strength of men are superior because of this, and there are no training programs or nutritional plans that could be game-changing. Men will always be stronger than women, at least in general.

The same principle remains true when comparing natural bodybuilders and those on steroids. These will always be more massive and stronger thanks to higher testosterone levels.

We live in an era where just about all professional athletes use some type of drug to increase their performance and deliver superior results. The body cannot do everything on its own and, if all dopants are stopped, performance will decrease significantly and, with them, the public interest. This will also lead to the flight of sponsors who will invest their money in other more profitable athletes. Obviously, this will not happen and dopants will be part of sports forever. However, an athlete who uses drugs does not mean that his physique is inaccessible without steroids.

For example, popular cyclist Lance Armstrong has confessed to using banned substances during his career. Officially, the drugs he took during his preparation were growth hormone, cortisone, EPO, and testosterone. As you can see, this is a good list, and yet there are a lot of “natural bodybuilders” who are enormously more massive and powerful than Lance Armstrong, and they claim to use only common and legal supplements like creatine and protein powders. Lance Armstrong’s physique, his muscular development, in particular, is naturally attainable. What you will find it much more difficult to achieve is its endurance level because, for the cyclists participating in the Tour de France, endurance is the priority and excessive muscle size is not desired.

Climbing is another sport where extra muscles do not necessarily produce better performance. These athletes especially want to be as dry as possible. They, therefore, do not use steroids. However, their upper body is important. If you want to know what you can achieve naturally for your upper body, these athletes are a good example. For legs, it is better to watch endurance cyclists or recreational sprinters.

Bone Structure, Another Dominant Factor!

To know what physique one can have when one is a natural bodybuilder, there is another important parameter to take into account. This is your bone structure. When it is important, we automatically have a more imposing appearance. In other words, we have a massive body.

For example, an athlete who has a 15 cm wrist circumference cannot have the same big arms as a bodybuilder with a 20 cm wrist. In addition, the muscles that an individual can carry depending on their bone structure. It’s the law of nature. We can’t change anything.

So if you don’t have big bones, you have to figure it out. You’ll only have the muscles you can wear, even if you work hard for hours of cardio and strength training per day.

Fat Content

Another important point to consider, when you are researching what physique you can achieve naturally, is that of body fat levels. Everyone knows a person who is naturally weighed down, but very often people are unaware that popular natural bodybuilders have a very muscular physique and very low-fat content at the same time. Being fat and massive is easier than being muscular and dry.

On top of that, people always underestimate their fat levels and, after a pre-competition diet, they are surprised at the volume lost.

A Tour On The Effect Of Doping

Be aware that steroids have roughly the same effect as testosterone. In other words, muscle gains are much greater when using dopants. One need only refers to the journey of famous cyclist Lance Armstrong to understand the effect of these products. As a reminder, the latter admitted to having taken other things than creatine and protein powders. That said, it is possible to have your body in a natural way.

In fact, the real function of dopants is to help athletes increase their performance and stamina. No wonder they manage to get massive muscles. But some athletes, including rock climbing enthusiasts, have also performed a muscle dry without doping.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the physique that you can get by practicing natural bodybuilding, just refer to rock climbing fans. Also, be aware that the use of various dietary supplements such as proteins could improve the result.

Time And Money

Besides genetics, bone structure, and size, time is another thing to consider when trying to determine the physique accessible to a natural bodybuilder. Obviously, an athlete who devotes all of his days to building muscle can reach the goal he set for himself quickly. However, not everyone can do the same.

Indeed, when you have other occupations in life, you cannot spend a lot of time in the weight rooms. On the other hand, subscription and travel costs require a lot of money. Not everyone has the necessary financial means. In other words, the physique you can get depends on your time, your level of practice, and also your budget.

(I see you as a person with an interest in bodybuilding! )
So I advise you of these products that you will need in this sport:

The Lifestyle

Also, be aware that lifestyle has a role to play in building muscle. When you’re continuously exposed to stress, the amount of muscle you can reach is practically limited. Food hygiene is also crucial. Not taking doping drugs requires a good diet. However, many people do not know how to choose the foods to favor when you do a muscle dry.

To conclude, it is not easy to assess the physique that a natural bodybuilding practitioner can have. However, by working with willpower and persistence, one can always achieve the goal one has set for oneself. That said, patience is required. Progress comes over time.

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